Monday, 28 March 2011

First Post

Well, this is my first ever blog post.
What does one write about in a blog? Well since mine is titled 'The Adventures of Me' then maybe I should talk about my 'adventures'.

What kind of adventure? Anything I guess. Today I'll talk about Minecraft :)
Putting the finishing touches to my crappy house carved out of a hill. Really wish I had built it from scratch, because like most hills, they like stretching for miles without stopping. Maybe I'll just leave it as storage and/or a farm and build a tower, or something.

Just realised probably most of you (if anyone even reads this) don't even know what Minecraft is. It's hard to explain actually, basically you wake up on an island and start building stuff, then at night, enemies (called mobs, pronouced mobes) come out and try to kill you. Charming.
You probably still have no idea what Minecraft is about, but I do highly recommend it if you're looking for time to kill, because once you get into it, the time just flies past :)

Well, wrote more than I thought I would, that is all for today, I think.